Smilegate RPG has updated its roadmap and revealed a bunch of upcoming content. This includes new raids, a new class, and new cosmetic items and system involving Yoz’s Jar. This may leave you wondering what Yoz’s Jar is and how it works in Lost Ark.

How does Yoz’s Jar work in Lost Ark?

Yoz’s Jar is a new consumable item being added to the Lost Ark in-game store. This item will add various legendary and epic skins to the game. In addition to this, players will now be able to break down unwanted skins for Cloth. These can then be used with Yoz’s Jar to roll for a new skin.

This new system of using Cloth to reroll on a skin involves a gacha mechanic. Unfortunately, this also likely means that the odds of pulling a legendary or epic skin are low, so be careful when you break down your skins for Cloth.

There is also a new cosmetic system. You will be able to overlay and display your preferred skin over another skin. This lets you retain the benefits of one skin while keeping the appearance of another.

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