Raz may only be an intern, but he can use his influence among the Psychonauts to get his hands on some cool tech, like the Otto-Shot camera. Once he has this tool, he’ll be able to take all the pictures he wants. To really spice up his photography, he’ll need some filters.

To unlock the You Otto Be in Pictures Achievement, players will have to collect all of the game’s Otto Shot filters. Players must first acquire the Otto-Shot camera from Otto Mentallis in the Quarry’s Research and Development building before these filters become available for purchase. Raz can find the Otto Shot filters at any of the game’s Otto-Matic vending machines. Each of the filters for sale is listed below:

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Filter NamePrice
Psitonium75 Psitanium
Achromatizer75 Psitanium
Classif-Eyed75 Psitanium
Hot Dog Spectralizer75 Psitanium
Psychodelica75 Psitanium

Unlike the Shutterbug Achievement, players won’t have to use these filters to unlock the achievement. Once each of the above filters has been purchased, You Otto Be in Pictures will unlock.

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