Yakuza: Like a Dragon has flipped the action genre on its head and has become an over-the-top zany RPG, which is incredible. Though it might have a very slow start, it’s worth it when the game opens up around Chapter 4. Now, money is an issue in any RPG, and Like A Dragon is no different, so what’s an easy way to get some Yen?

Yakuza Like a Dragon where to find scorpions

To find scorpions in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, head up to Hamakita Park, located in the northeast of the map; it’s an open-spaced park that’s hard to miss. When you’re there, wander around the area next to trees, and you’ll be able to find scorpions and other insects that you can sell for money!

You won’t be able to access Hamakita Park until you reach Chapter 4 of the game, as this is where the open-world element starts to happen. You’ll be able to explore Yokohama’s map but be careful as the map is sectioned off into threat levels, and entering a higher threat level could lead to you losing a fight and half of your earnings as well. Keep a close eye on the mini-map and stay clear of all enemies that come your way!

Some of the bugs you can find, such as specific beetles and scorpions, are worth 1000 yen each, which you can sell at the pawnshop after a substory has been completed. Venturing around the park, collecting every bug you see could easily earn you nearly 10k, even more!

When you reach Chapter 5, some of these bugs are actually part of quests, so knowing where to find them will make life easier in the future! Remember, if you are exploring higher-level threat areas, remember to save often!

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