Yakuza: Like a Dragon has finally been released on western shores! Though the game massively changes the formula of the action game, we all know and love, into a turn-based RPG, with jobs, stats, and fanfares! However, this isn’t a bad thing, as it show’s that flipping a game genre can work in certain situations, and in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, it still has everything whacky and zany about the series but just in a different style!

Yakuza Like a Dragon How to Change Outfits

To change outfits in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, you must reach Chapter 5 of the game; in this chapter, you get the ability to change jobs, and then you change the outfit for each job you want to change into. However, the outfits only change when you are in a battle; you have to wait until you have completed the game to see the outfits in the overworld.

In Chapter 5: The Liumang Man, you will return to Hello Work to apply for jobs, and at the point, you’ll be able to change to a variety of different jobs. To change your job, you have to speak to Ririka at Hello Work and select which job you want the team member to change into. Remember, not all jobs will be available from the start; by leveling up other jobs and developing team bonds, this will unlock new jobs you can equip. Always check back at Hello Work periodically to see if anything new has come available!

Furthermore, any job outfit can be changed, so as you select the job that you want, you can also change the outfit at the same time. If you have purchased the pre-ordered Yakuza: Like a Dragon, you get a Costume Pack. If you have bought the special edition Yakuza Like a Dragon – Legendary Hero Edition, you get two new jobs and another Costume Pack! So plenty of outfits to choose from!

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