For veteran players of the Yakuza series, undoubtedly you’ll be used to hearing the game entirely in Japanese, and the voice of Kamuza Kiryu is engraved into your soul; hearing it in English will be odd. Though, we have to say the English voices for Yakuza: Like a Dragon are superb! You have the option of picking what language you want to play the game in!

Yakuza Like a Dragon How to Change Language

To change the language in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, you can do this in two places, the title menu or the start menu in-game. From the start menu, heard to the Settings option, then go to Audio Language, here you have the option to change back and forth between English and Japanese. However, if you are doing this from the in-game menu, you’ll be prompted to return to the title screen upon changing the language, losing any saved data if you have not saved recently.

Changing the language no matter what option resets the game; this includes watching the in-game splash animations at the start once again. Though once you’ve changed the language, that’s all you need to do; just continue where you left off, and everything will be in a different language. Adventure in Yakuza: Like a Dragon how you wish!

To reach the settings in-game, just hit the Esc key if playing on PC or the Start or Options button if playing on consoles, and this will open up the main pause menu. Scroll down to near the bottom where it reads Settings, then find Audio Language, and make your selection from either Japanese or English. Remember, the game will have to reset to make this change happen, so make sure you manually saved the game before you do this.

Have you purchased the special edition of Yakuza: Like a Dragon and wondering how to get the DLC items? Or is the game too easy for you, and you want up to change the difficulty?

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