RPGs can come in many different forms; some are notoriously difficult that you need to grind as much as you can to even make a dent in the game. Where others you can breeze through it annihilating everything in your path to victory. Most RPGs come with difficulty options, so you can manually choose how much effort you want to put into the game. Yakuza: Like a Dragon has got these harder difficulties, but you cannot access them straight away.

Yakuza Like a Dragon How to Change Difficulty

To change the difficulty in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, you must first complete the game and start a premium new game as the harder difficulties are more or less impossible for a new file from the get-go. The game expects you to be at a certain level before these two difficulties are manageable. Sadly, for those wanting an extreme challenge, it’s not possible until the game is completed unless you handicap yourself.

Though the game’s base difficulty is easy to some, if you are in the later Chapters of the game, the difficulty quickly ramps up. However, for veteran RPG players, you should be able to breeze through the game, but those who want the extra challenge have to wait until the game is completed once and premium new game is unlocked.

There are two extra difficulties, Hard and EX-Hard. By playing on either of these difficulties, the game expects you to be at certain levels to endure fairly well. For Hard Mode, you want to be at LVL 50+ for all of your characters, though for EX-Hard Mode, you want to be at LVL 70+.

For those of you who have just started the game and reached Chapter 5 when the game opens up with the job system, being able to change your outfits, able to access all of the DLC items will be thinking, wait, I’m only LVL 15; those two levels seem light years away from me! Well, you’re not wrong, yet the game offers a lot of mind-blowing content to last you a while to get to those levels!

If those finding it too easy, you can always handicap yourself, hardly get into any random fights, and limit yourself in levels, so when you come across a boss or the sort, you’ll be well underleveled for it or maybe don’t equip the best armor or weapons you can. Apart from handicapping yourself, you’ll just have to wait until you complete the game to unlock the two other difficulty modes.

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