One of the Yakuza franchise’s biggest features has been the zany side quests that you can find throughout the different chapters of the game. These are called Substories, and 90% of the time, these are crazy mini-stories that are just off the rails, and yet these are truly the best parts of the game. Even though the formula for Yakuza: Like a Dragon has changed, the Substories remain!

Yakuza Like a Dragon How many Substories?

In Yakuza: Like a Dragon, there is a total of 52 Substories in the game that are scattered throughout the 15 Chapters. When playing, these substories will appear as two text boxes overlapping on the map, and after you have begun these substories, they will appear on the map as blue text boxes, so you know that they can be continued if you head to that location.

Substories are the heart and souls of the Yakuza titles, and in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, you won’t be able to access the first substory until Chapter 3. Though when you find the first one, you’ll start seeing more and more substories unlock as the map starts to open up and as you progress through the main story.

Don’t worry if you miss a substory in a certain chapter, as the substories will stay unlocked, and you can complete them in your own time. If you so desire, you can ignore most of the substories until the later chapters of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, as then you’ll have tons to complete one after the other.

Below is a list of how many substories are in a Chapter in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

  • Chapter 3
    • Substories – 3
  • Chapter 4
    • Substories – 12
  • Chapter 5
    • Substories – 8
  • Chapter 7
    • Substories – 6
  • Chapter 9
    • Substories – 10
  • Chapter 10/12
    • Substories – 4
  • Chapter 15
    • Substories – 9

The substories come in a manner of all weird and normal shenanigans; find them out, and enjoy them! Do you know how to change your outfit in Yakuza: Like a Dragon? As if you have pre-ordered the title, you get a costume pack as a bonus, or if you have purchased Yakuza Like a Dragon – Legendary Hero Edition, you get two new jobs and another Costume Pack!