Project Slayers is a detailed anime game experience on Roblox inspired by the anime series Demon Slayer. Players can choose who they want to become, a mighty warrior with breathing abilities or a deadly demon. They can venture the world, completing quests or taking down bosses and enemies to hone their skills or collect rare loot. Some bosses are stronger than others, but defeating them means they might be able to gain unique items or abilities––such as the demon boss Yahaba.

Where is Yahaba in Project Slayers?

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Yahaba is a late-game boss that can be found at Ouwbayashi Home. However, since he’s a demon, he burns in the sun and can only be seen at night. He spawns in the yard outside the house, but other demons, such as the boss Sasumaru, make it more difficult to battle him solely since they also generate nearby. As you approach him, his name and health bar will pop up on the top of the screen, signaling he has begun attacking you.

How to find Yahaba in Project Slayers

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To find Ouwbayashi, where Yahaba spawns, you will want to open your map by selecting the icon in your inventory slots at the bottom of the screen. You can use the red arrow compass to navigate to the location but will first need to unlock it by using a Map point. Map points must be purchased using Robux or 1,200 Wen. You can also speak to a Horse guy and fast travel to unlocked locations, making it much easier to get to Yahaba and other bosses.

What can you get from Yahaba in Project Slayers?

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Yahaba is a late-game boss, which means he can be very challenging to defeat unless you have already developed your abilities and reached a higher level. However, defeating him can grant players some great loot. Yahaba has a chance of dropping either a Tier 2 Chest or the rare ability Arrow Spikes. This is a powerful ability that he can be seen using against his foes, but he only has a 10% of dropping it, meaning players may have to battle him several times to collect it.

Defeating bosses like Yahaba can be highly beneficial for grinding levels or collecting that fantastic loot. Are you up for the challenge? Let us know in the comments below if you were able to defeat him and gain his unique ability!

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