WWE 2K22 features in-depth gameplay sliders to customize your experience the way you want. You can change the basic difficulty, but you can also change specific elements of gameplay. If you want the most realistic gameplay possible, a few changes to the sliders will help.

WWE 2K22 may have the most realistic gameplay of recent WWE titles, but there are areas of gameplay that can be changed to make it seem more like a real WWE wrestling match. Slider settings can be up to personal preference, so after changing the sliders, play a couple of matches and tweak the sliders to your liking.

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To change sliders, go to the Main Menu, scroll over to Options, and then select Gameplay. Next, scroll over to Balancing, and you can find all the sliders there. Here are the sliders we recommend for the most realistic gameplay:

  • AI Standing Strike Reversal Rate — 55
  • AI Standing Grapple Reversal Rate — 45
  • AI Ground Strike Reversal Rate — 55
  • AI Ground Grapple Reversal Rate — 45
  • AI Finisher Reversal Rate — 45
  • AI Foreign Object Attack Reversal Rate — 25
  • Referee Down Time — 75
  • Basic Reversal Windows — 55
  • Ground Attack Reversal Windows — 50
  • Signature & Finisher Reversal — 55
  • Weapon Reversal — 40
  • Stamina Cost — 55
  • Stamina Recovery Rate — 55
  • Stunned Recovery Rate — 45
  • Rollout Frequency — 40
  • Rollout Duration — 30
  • Stun Gain — 45
  • Stun Duration — 55
  • Vitality Regen Cooldown — 50
  • Vitality Regen Rate — 60
  • AI Difficulty Damage Scaling — 60
  • Drag Escape Difficulty — 45
  • Carry Escape Difficulty — 40

These slider settings will help gameplay feel more like a real match with back-and-forth moments and more of a challenge. Experiment with the slider settings to fit your style of gameplay. For example, if you want a longer, more technical match, raise the reversal and vitality sliders. If you want a PPV-style match, try turning the Finisher and Signature reversals up high along with vitality regen and cooldown rate.

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