Overwatch 2 is finally here and fans are thrilled to get into the new combat. With all the unique changes and expected alterations, some characters get the short end of the stick. Who among the beloved cast of iconic characters struggles to keep up with the new meta?

Worst DPS Hero in Overwatch 2

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Symmetra didn’t receive many changes in the leap to the new game, but the changes to the battle system have weakened her substantially. The meta in Overwatch 2 is extremely fast-paced, which is hugely inconvenient for turret heroes like Symmetra and Torbjorn. Symmetra comes out below Torb in this ranking, however, thanks to her reworked secondary fire option being worse than before.

Symmetra is only useful as an area-denial hero in the current meta. A dedicated team can still use her ultimate to get the drop on the enemy. A cocky enemy might still get caught by her turrets. But, the typical matchup sees Symmetra easily outflanked by any other DPS hero. She’d be stronger in a game with two tanks, she’d be stronger with her old kit, and she’d be stronger against slower targets. The current meta just isn’t a good home for Symmetra players right now.

The Worst Tank Hero in Overwatch 2

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The days when Roadhog could use his hook to catch enemies playing on different maps are long gone. Roadhog really suffers in a game without a second tank. The old six-person team structure allowed for one shield tank and one damage tank, but any team without a shield will suffer in Overwatch 2’s current meta.

Roadhog still deals a fairly impressive amount of damage, but in a game with only one tank, that isn’t his role any more. He’s just too big and too slow to avoid being slain by the new fast-moving DPS Heroes and he has no tools to defend his team. Roadhog players will find themselves angering their team more than the enemy.

The Worst Support Hero in Overwatch 2

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An excellent Zenyatta player is still a great asset to a team, but anything less than 100% proficiency will almost guarantee a loss. A player who can’t manage both of their orbs at all times and keep themselves alive will spend more time respawning than fighting, leaving their allies doomed.

Zenyatta is, like the other worst Heroes, too slow to function in the current meta. Zenyatta basically must be hidden at all times to avoid being destroyed easily. A great player can keep the orbs where they need to be and stay alive. Zenyatta’s new melee buff is helpful, but it’s still just easier and more effective to play any other Support Hero.

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