Warcraft Arclight Rumble is one of a few Blizzard Entertainment games to come to mobile devices. After seeing Diablo Immortal and Hearthstone get both PC and mobile versions, it makes fans wonder if Warcraft Arclight Rumble will receive the same treatment. Game Rant spoke to technical director Monte Krol and executive producer/vice president Vik Saraf and asked for details on whether or not the game would be ported to PC.

Will there be a PC port to Warcraft Arclight Rumble?

The answer is no for right now. According to Saraf, Warcraft Arclight Rumble is designed for mobile devices, not PCs. Although he didn’t want to rule out any future ports, he was clear that their current plan is not to bring Warcraft Arclight Rumble to computers anytime soon. The game’s design makes sense, and it looks as if it belongs nowhere else other than on mobile.

Diablo Immortal looks like a regular game from the series, which are usually designed for PCs. A year after it was originally released on PC, Hearthstone was ported to mobile. Arclight Rumble is primarily a mobile game, so it will probably not come to PCs.

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