Every good story deserves a romantic side plot or two, and for a story-driven game like Triangle Strategy, it’s only natural to expect something similar. After all, Serenoa is engaged, and there are plenty of other characters who look like they have something going on as well.

If you’re asking whether you, as Serenoa, have the option to woo more than one female cast, the answer is no. He’s happily betrothed to Frederica. There is no choose-your-own-partner when it comes to romantic relations.

However, if your question is if the story itself has canon romantic pairs, the answer is yes. Aside from Serenoa, there are blossoming relationships in the background. Some are more well-hidden compared to others. A few have already blossomed.

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There are plenty of other choices you can make in the game, however—many of which will affect the main story. Some choices have grander consequences, while others simply affect which units can join your army. Triangle Strategy really allows you to forge your own path while experiencing that SRPG gameplay.

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