Triangle Strategy will receive a physical release and can be preordered on many different sites. Fans can purchase the game on GameStop (preorder comes with exclusive character cards), Walmart, Best Buy, or Amazon. Square Enix’s highly anticipated follow-up to Octopath Traveler releases on March 4, 2022. Triangle Strategy is a game with heavy influence on decision making, with major choices affecting one of the player’s three convictions: Morality, Utility, or Liberty.

Will there be a special edition?

Image via Nintendo

Triangle Strategy will be getting a physical special edition as well (in Europe, at least), titled the Triangle Strategy Tactician’s Limited Edition. This edition of the game can be preordered or purchased from the Nintendo Store’s Triangle Strategy page and will cost £89.99 (~$100 USD).

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The special edition will come with the game, containing a game card, and a SteelBook case. A “Diary of Orlaca” box, collectible Triangle Strategy-themed playing cards, a double-sided poster, and a set of custom dice will also be included.

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