Splattoon 3 is a third-person shooter famous for its paint coloring action. It’s an instant hit, so Nintendo already has plans for more content. The company has big expectations from this Nintendo Switch exclusive, as they already have planned content for two years. These plans guarantee new weapons, modes, cosmetics, and much more. That’s all great, but will there be Splatoon 3 DLC in terms of one large-scale paid expansion?

What can we expect from Splatoon 3 DLC?

Nintendo is so sure of the game’s success that they announced the Splatoon 3 DLC before it was even out! There is not much information regarding the expansion, but Nintendo said we can expect “major paid DLC.” From the looks of the picture from an announcement, it is all but certain that Pearl and Marina characters will be part of DLC.

What additional content is planned for Splatoon 3?

Splatoon 3 DLC is just part of the larger picture, where the game will be regularly updated. The focus will mainly be on new weapons and cosmetics, but new modes are also mentioned. For starters, two modes are announced as free updates:

  • X Battle—mod reserved for the best-ranked players.
  • League Battle—the focus is on team competition.

As for cosmetics, Nintendo will try to have a rhythm of adding new clothes every three months for as long as the game is popular (or until Splatoon 4 arrives). If you want to share your gaming experience with friends, check how to play Splatoon 3 couch co-op or split-screen with friends.

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