If you were wondering if there are classes in New World, the answer is no. The reason being is that New World follows a classless character system, and players are free to choose their skills and weapon choices without any limitations.

For example, players can dabble in magic, crafting, and even use firearms if they want on the fly. All they need to do is just use these skills and keep leveling them up, and then if they want to try something else, they can always do that as well. 

It’s all just a matter of switching gear, but there is also an option to respec skills should they ever need it. That said, the classless character system is made up of attributes, weapon masteries, and trade skills. 

Attributes are more or less your traditional stats in RPGs, and putting points into certain attributes will make you better at performing certain things. For example, strength will make your character better at melee combat, while the attribute focus will make you better at healing.

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Weapon masteries, decide what weapons you use in the game and will allow you to choose skills with those weapons. Each weapon mastery will also have two skill trees that offer unique perks and and abilities when using the weapon that belongs to that weapon mastery.

Now lastly, trade skills are what make up the game’s crafting system and by leveling up these skills, you will be able to gather and make and refine different resources and craft items. 

There are also three skill trees in this category, and each serves a role in the crafting system, with crafting skills being what you need to craft certain items. 

Gather skills are what you need to gather specific resources, and then refining Skills are what players need to turn resources into craftable materials. 

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