Rune Factory 5 is an expansive game that gives you plenty to do. You can spend your days fishing or progressing the story. The way you spend your time is up to you. It’s not surprising the Rune Factory 5 is a good candidate for DLC, especial since Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town has a DLC pass that added in new areas.

Rune Factory 5 has costume DLC packs that are made to resemble past characters in the series. These costumes can be equipped in the game to change up your look. Sadly, getting ahold of some of the costumes is going to be a bit complicated.

How to get the Rune Factory 5 DLC costumes.

To get thirteen of the exclusive costumes in Rune Factory 5, you have to purchase the Earthmate Edition of the game. These costumes will mostly be made up of outfits that past dateable characters wore in the series, like Dolce, from Rune Factory 4.

This does mean you will need to spend an additional $30 on the game. There hasn’t been any announcements on DLC content that introduces more characters or adds additional locations to the game.

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