If you are wondering if Project Zomboid will ever release to consoles, the answer is no, but not out of the realm of possibility. The developers have stated on an Inde Stone forum post that they don’t have any plans to port the game to consoles. However, in the same post, they also said there is a possibility for plans to release Project Zomboid on consoles in the far future.

But in the same post, the developers also stated that such future console release plans are unlikely, so don’t count on any future console releases soon. Hopefully, if the game picks up in both popularity and development, we will see possible console releases. But until then, if you want to play Project Zomboid, you will need to do so on a PC. You can find the game both on GOG and Steam.

What kind of game is Project Zomboid? 

Project Zomboid is one of the most severely underrated Zombie survival games currently out in the wild. The game offers many features from hunger and thirst management, base building, scavaging, hardcore survival, and a vast skill and leveling system. The game spawns players with nothing, and they have to make their way through a decaying world, searching for supplies, dealing with zombies, and basic survival needs. Project Zomboid also has many updates that will add features such as NPCs, animals, lockpicking, and a fishing rework. 

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