Moonbreaker is a digital tabletop experience, bringing the joys of tabletop strategy and miniature painting to PC. It launched in early access with an asking price of $30. Once you’ve purchased the game, you are met with microtransactions. With this price point and monetization, you may be wondering if Moonbreaker will go free-to-play in the future.

Is Moonbreaker going free to play?

The answer to whether Moonbreaker is going to be free-to-play is unclear. While Moonbreaker launched as a paid title, its publisher Krafton and Charlie Cleveland, a co-founder of Unknown Worlds Entertainment, have stated that it is possible that Moonbreaker may switch to a free-to-play model after launch.

As fans had a less than stellar reaction to Moonbreaker’s upfront cost and monetization, we will see how this has an impact on Moonbreaker’s model. Unknown Worlds Entertainment and Krafton may see this reaction as an incentive to change Moonbreaker to free-to-play and regain favor with their community.

Is Moonbreaker pay to win?

Moonbreaker is not pay to win, at least not in its current state. After purchasing Moonbreaker, you can access each captain a good chunk of the available units. The remaining unit can be purchased with Blanks or Mertis. With Blanks, you can purchase Boosters which give you three random units. Any unit you receive a duplicate of can either reward you with Merits, upgrade the rarity or unlock new cosmetic options.

Merits allow you to outright hire a unit, foregoing the need to open a Booster and hope you get the unit you want. But the only way to get Merits is by opening Boosters and receiving duplicate units, so you will likely need to use a combination of the two to get all units.

One could argue that Moonbreaker offers to pay to progress, as you can spend real money and purchase Boosters as well. This lets you spend enough money until you can use each unit. However, it does not take long to collect all the units in the game. As Moonbreaker adds more content, it is possible we see the model shift more into pay-to-win.

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