Martha is Dead has set the expectation of a rather eerie and graphic game. Unlike a lot of other horror titles, the game does not plan to hold back in terms of gore. This has worried some fans about the possibility of censorship.

Will Martha is Dead be censored on Xbox or PC?

On Xbox and PC versions of Martha is Dead, there have been fears that players will get a reduced quality version of gameplay. Thankfully for Xbox and PC players, their versions of Martha is Dead will be completely unaltered and will not be censored in any way. These players will get to enjoy all of the violence, gore, and horror of Martha is Dead in an uninterrupted fashion.

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Will Martha is Dead be censored on PlayStation?

On Feb. 11, 2022, Wired Productions, the publisher for Martha is Dead, announced on their Twitter that the PS4 and PS5 version of Martha is Dead would require censoring and even the total removal of certain scenes from the game. Specific details were not given, but it was confirmed that the physical edition of the game for PlayStation consoles would also be delayed to an undisclosed date. Sadly, the PlayStation version of Martha is Dead will be censored.

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