There are numerous characters in MultiVersus that originate from Warner Bros.’ various franchises. This includes Looney Toons, DC, Scooby Doo, and many others. One franchise that fans eagerly want included is The Lord of the Rings and the iconic wizard Gandalf. This may leave you wondering if Gandalf is going to be in MultiVersus.

Is Gandalf in MultiVersus?

Image via the Tolkien Estate and IMDB

Gandalf was initially revealed via a leak, which confirmed he would be added as a fighter in MultiVersus. While it is a leak, supporting evidence of various screenshots indicated some truth. This could be further proven, as the leaked images have since been taken down and in-game references to future characters removed from MultiVersus.

However, things are not looking so good for the friendly wizard. Redditor JPMB5555 posted that leaked voice lines for Gandalf were removed from the game. Further discussion on Reddit via SodiumChloride1721 indicates that the Tolkien Estate is making Gandalf’s addition harder than expected. This could lead to the popular character being scrapped altogether.

Unfortunately, with leaks and the ongoing issues revolving around Gandalf and the possible interference of the Tolkien Estate, it is impossible to tell if he will be added to MultiVersus. However, fans desperately want Gandalf added and have made their request for characters like Gandalf, Walter White, and others very apparent.

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