Elden Ring is From Software’s latest title and was met with a very positive reception from fans. While it features a lengthy story and side quests, many have already beaten it and wonder what is next. This may leave you wondering will Elden Ring have DLC in the future?

Will Elden Ring get DLC?

The answer is yes—Elden Ring will get DLC, as the developer confirmed this. While there has been no mention of what the DLC will be, you can rest assured that future content will come to Elden Ring.

From Software’s previous titles, Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3, also received DLC that many fans enjoy, some even more than the main game. If the same level of care and detail goes into Elden Ring’s DLC, souls-like fans will be very happy.

Elden Ring’s story leaves many questions unanswered, and there are numerous secrets, out of bounds, and other things that could easily lead to possible DLC. But, with nothing substantial to go on, what Elden Ring’s DLC will be is left to speculation.

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