If you are wondering if Dying Light 2 will have character customization, the answer is yes, but only cosmetic and skill trees. Beyond cosmetics and skill trees, players will not be able to change their physical appearance.

As for skill trees and cosmetics, the developers of Dying Light 2 have already confirmed the game to have a ton of options. Cosmetics-wise, the game will include up to a whopping 500 different gear items players can equip.

Players can use the different gear items to customize their characters by giving themselves unique looks in Dying Light 2. But unlike in Dying Light one, outfits are no longer one-piece sets and now include up to six gear equip slots.

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Because of this change in the game, players will now be able to customize their characters in ways that weren’t possible in the previous game.

But, alongside the extensive roster of gear items players can equip, they will also unlock several skills and abilities across two skill trees called Combat and Parkour.  

Image via Techland

Both skill trees will have abilities that will allow players to customize their character and create unique skill builds that will help serve different roles in the game. 

These skills will include combat abilities such as Ground pound, Block Charge, and Perfect parry. As for the Parkour skill tree, players can get Far jump, Bash, and Tic Tac skills.

For more on Dying Light 2, stay tuned for more coverage in the upcoming week and months before release. 

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