Dying Light 2 Stay Human releases on Feb. 4, 2022, and will be coming to PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Those on Xbox may be wondering if Dying Light 2 will be added to Gamepass, either at launch or at a later date.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human will not be coming to Gamepass—at least not at launch. Developer Techland and Xbox have not commented about the game coming to Gamepass, so it is unlikely that an announcement will be made between now and release day stating otherwise.

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Despite being several years old, the first Dying Light has not been added to Gamepass. This further supports that Dying Light 2 will not launch or be added to Gamepass soon. So despite Xbox adding many titles, including some larger ones, to the service, it seems this will not be the case for Dying Light 2.

Adding either Dying Light or Dying Light 2 is the perfect way to allow fans to try the games out. Unfortunately, since it is not coming to Gamepass, anyone looking to experience the post-apocalyptic parkour zombie game will have to purchase it.

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