Respawn Entertainment recently announced that the new 9v9 Control game mode will be making a return to Apex Legends. Introduced in Season 12, this limited-time game mode became exceedingly popular among fans, and it will return during the Warrior Collection Event later this week. 

Control will be returning to Apex Legends for two weeks with the Warrior Collection Event. The limited-time 9v9 mode was available on Olympus and Storm Point, but now the developers have also added Kings Canyon to the mix. Players use specific loadouts based on their preference for every match in Control. The action is fiercely unpredictable, with three enemy teams on the opposing side.

Where is the Control map in Kings Canyon? 

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Since Control is a 9v9 area-domination game mode, the map needs to be spacious enough to incorporate all three zones. The developers have chosen The Caustic Treatment POI in Kings Canyon as the Control map. This area is huge, and players can engage in intense mid-to-long range firefights outside Caustic’s Lab.

Points A and C are out in the open, while Caustic’s Lab has turned into Point B. The developers added additional cover, ziplines, skydive launchers, and even a hover tank to balance the combat and improve flow to the points in this region.

Caustic’s Lab is a highly advanced fortress that can be held by the perfect Legend combinations. Players capturing this area first can interact and activate the terminal inside the Lab, and it will gradually raise the toxin levels in this area to damage opponents trying to capture Point B.

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