CoD Points are a valuable virtual currency within the Call of Duty sphere of games used to purchase new characters, season passes, weapon blueprints, and more. Traditionally, these points have carried over from one entry into the next as Activision Blizzard has worked to unify the experience between titles. However, with Warzone 2 boasting new technology, it’s not as clear if any existing CoD Points will transfer over.

Can you transfer CoD points to Warzone 2?

At the time of this writing, there still hasn’t been any official word from either the developer or publisher regarding the fate of CoD Points. One unofficial source, whose Twitter account has been suspended, suggested that CoD Points on the same platform would carry over, but nothing cross-platform. So players looking to ditch in favor of Steam would have to spend their CoD Points or lose them before the transfer.

That being said, player inventories, skins, and camos won’t carry over to Warzone 2. Players that want to continue to enjoy their collections worth dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of dollars will have to stay with Warzone as both games will exist separately. Choose wisely.

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