The Hydro sword user, Nilou, is coming out in just a few days, and many are anxiously awaiting her arrival. But, if you’re still on the fence about her, here’s why we think it might be a good idea to roll on Nilou in Genshin Impact.

Why should I roll for Nilou in Genshin Impact?

There are a lot of hydro characters in Genshin Impact now. You may already have several and may not think you need any more, but Nilou’s addition is unique.

Bountiful Cores

Normally, when you apply Hydro + Bloom to a target, you’ll get the Dendro reaction Bloom as a result. For Nilou, this is no different. However, Nilou has a rather interesting passive that makes her Blooms turn into superpowered Blooms called Bountiful Cores. These special Blooms deal more damage, have a larger AOE (Area of Effect), and explode almost immediately after spawning. With this, Nilou is the only character in Genshin Impact to get a unique elemental reaction, making her enticing to roll on.

Nilou’s team must consist of any combination of Hydro and Dendro characters for her passive to activate, but we don’t think that’s a big deal with so many Hydro characters already available.

Moving Hydro Application

While Genshin already has Barbara for mobile Hydro application, she is lackluster, and does not provide much to your team by slotting her in, making it impractical to do so in most cases. However, Nilou is both a Main DPS and Sub DPS, not a healer, making her a much better choice for this type of Hydro application. Nilou’s Hydro application is primarily through the water aura she surrounds herself with using her Skill. As she is a melee character, this is perfect for persistent close-quarters Hydro application. Finally, she is a great alternative to Mona and Kokomi for general Hydro application.

The Dendro Archon

Many in the Genshin community believe that a character like Nilou is releasing too early due to the lack of Dendro characters in the game. After all, we only have Tighnari, Collei, and the Dendro Traveler to rely upon. All three are mostly stopgap characters for Dendro application due to how they work. However, with the upcoming release of the Dendro Archon, that is about change. We think it’s wise to consider Nilou with the Dendro Archon release coming just after her own.

Sword Dance Mechanic

Nilou’s Skill is interesting because it is two full skills in one. This is because she uses a step mechanic to decide which part of her skill is activated. Pressing her Skill begins the first step, a watery swing. Pressing it again begins the second step, another swing. Her final step is the most important as it decides which of her Skills is used. She will gain a Hydro infusion if the final step is a normal attack. If it is her Skill, she will coat herself in a Hydro aura. We think this is a unique mechanic worth rolling on, especially for longtime players looking for something new to play with.

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