The Sims 4 has yet another pack being released for it which will make many members of the Sims community very happy. The more packs there are, the more you can tailor the game experience so that you have fun on a personal level. What about when your country prohibits that though?

The newest pack for The Sims is going to be called My Wedding Stories, but Simmers that reside in Russia will unfortunately not be able to play it. This is because EA have made the decision not to compromise on what they feel they should be able to offer people as an experience.

Russia has federal laws about same-sex marriage, which prohibit the act as well as such content being shown within its borders. This means that EA would have to set limitations within the pack so that it would only cater to heterosexual matrimony.

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Given that EA believes in equality, and is trying to spread more awareness about not being able to choose who you love, they decided it would be best not to release the pack in Russia.

The Sims team released a letter online which is available through the Twitter link found above. It goes into more detail about their choices, and how they are trying to prove their commitment to making the community as inclusive as possible.

Hopefully, one day Russian players will be able to purchase the pack as well as live authentically. Until then, the pack will be launching in other parts of the world instead.

The pack will be released Feb. 17.

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