If you are wondering why your Voice Skill is not increasing or going up in BitLife, don’t worry. Your Voice Skill is not going up because it is likely already high enough. It can also be due to practicing the max amount of times you can in a year. 

Usually, when you practice, the skill will only increase by a little each year, and when it stops, it’s when you are at your practice limit. When you reach a point where the skill stops increasing, you will need to Age up once. Doing so will allow you to increase the skill again by practicing it.

How to fix skills not increasing in BitLife

If you ever reach a point where a skill like Acting or Singing stops going up every year when you practice, you will need to age up. Aging up can be done by hitting the Age button on the Main Menu page in BitLife. 

After Aging up, go back to the activities tab and find the option to practice whatever skill you are trying to increase. When you go to practice, you should notice that you are making progress again. Continue on like this until you reach a point where the skill stops increasing. If you reach a limit again, age up once and practice again.

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