If you are wondering why your Minecraft Realm is not saving, it is most likely due to a system bug of some kind. The bug is likely due to broader server issues, which you can check by looking into the Minecraft Realms server status. But even then, it is unclear if a server issue is causing the error as Mojang hasn’t officially acknowledged the problem. Because of this, we recommend routinely downloading your Minecraft Realm worlds until the problem is solved. 

How to download your Minecraft Realm

To download your Minecraft Realm world, you must visit the World Backups option under Minecraft Realm settings. You can find the Minecraft Realm settings by clicking the Configure Realm option. After clicking Configure Realm, find the option for World Backups at the bottom of your screen. Under World Backups, you can download your Minecraft Realm by clicking the button that says Download Latest. 

Can you recover deleted Minecraft Realms? 

If you are wondering if you can recover a Minecraft Realm that didn’t save because of the saving bug, you can’t. Once a Minecraft Realm has been deleted or didn’t save, there is no way to recover it. But if the bug hasn’t affected you, you can prevent the error by downloading a backup using the method above. 

Can you fix the Minecraft Realms not saving error?

At the time of writing, there appears no way to get around the Minecraft Realms not saving error. Because of this, we recommend backing up your Minecraft Realms worlds before they get deleted.

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