There’s nothing more frustrating than being excited to do your daily Heardle puzzle, getting on the browser site, and seeing that it’s not working for you today. We know why this happens, and sadly there’s little to do other than try again tomorrow.

Why is my track on Heardle blocked?

The reason your song is not loading on today’s Heardle has to do with Soundcloud and copyrighting based on location. The Heardle game developer has created a randomized playlist of songs to release each day for the puzzle. Some days, the random song ends up being one that is not available in your region via Soundcloud. This is very similar to if you have ever seen a YouTube video blocked by not being available in your country.

How to fix song blocked on Heardle

There’s not really any quick way for everyone to fix this issue, as the official game developer has not remedied this problem. The only hope players have for fixing the track being blocked on Heardle is to use a VPN service. If you use a VPN to change your location and then reload your Heardle page, it can possibly fix this issue. For players who do not want to try this method, it’s best to just wait for the next day’s Heardle puzzle.

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