If you’re looking to play Adopt Me! right now, you have no doubt come to realize that it is currently not working at the moment. Why is that? Well, it looks like Roblox is having some datastore issues, and this affects games like Adopt Me and any other game on Roblox that keeps data stored on the server. While this won’t be a problem for games that don’t really store anything, it does cause issues with a vast majority of popular games such as Shinobi Life 2, Welcome to Bloxburg, Royale High, and any others that keep information on your character and account!

Update: The servers appear to be fixed and Adopt Me! is back online.

Here’s a look at the official statement from Adopt Me’s Twitter account:

Adopt Me has temporarily been turned private due to a critical bug with Roblox’s Datastore Servers. If you’ve experienced the bug and noticed your save has been reset and you lost items, don’t worry – your inventory will return to normal once the issue’s been fixed.

Now, it’s important to know that any of the games you play have no real power to prevent something like this from happening. This is completely a Roblox platform issue, so no doubt the developers of these games are upset as much as you are. A lot of these developers rely on income from their games, so having them down for any period of time is distressing!

Please do not to rage at anybody, because no one likes it when systems are down and are not playable. A lot of people work hard to get games working and servers functioning as they should. We have learned over the years that keeping servers in tip top shape is a difficult task. Things just go wrong sometimes and they can’t always be predicted! Hopefully, this will be resolved as soon as Roblox can get the servers back online and functioning.

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