The mysterious Black Book is something that comes up again and again as the story of As Dusk Falls unfolds. We understand you may be a bit impatient and want to know just what the Black Book is and why the Sheriff wants it back. We’ve laid out all you need to know about the Black Book below, but beware of spoilers!

Where is the Black Book in As Dusk Falls?

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The first time you hear of the Black Book is when Sheriff Dante Romero mentions the book as something he wants back to Vince. All of the Holt boys seem lost on what he is talking about. Later on, Jay (the youngest) realizes the bird-watching book he took from the Sheriff’s office has a cut-out square inside. They realize the Black Book must have been in there and fallen out somewhere. Vince is told he will go with Jay to look in the truck.

You have to complete some backstory scenes with the Holt boys for a bit. This cuts into the middle of the Black Book story, but it is not too long before you’re back. The next scene comes back to Jay and Vince at the truck around the back of the motel. The Black Book is on the truck floor, and Vince snatches it up for Jay.

What is in the Black Book in As Dusk Falls?

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When Vince and Jay look inside the Black Book, they find it is full of business names and large prices listed. They take it back to the motel and discuss it with Sharon, the Holt mother. She asks Vince what he thinks it is. Whether or not they are bribes for Dante, from Dante, or other corrupt purchases, the point stands. The Black Book is Sheriff Dante’s itemized corruption with his position. He wants the book back because it would expose him for not being the lawful Sheriff he wants to appear as.

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