Spotify is an essential music platform for many people, with many using it for daily music content. Being suddenly logged out can be a jarring experience. Thankfully, there is likely nothing too wrong, and it’s just going to take some time to remedy the problem.

Why is Spotify logging people out?

If Spotify has logged you out and you can verify that this was not done on your end by you or someone you know, Spotify is liking experiencing issues on their end. When Spotify has experienced previous outages, users have consistently reported an error of being logged out of their account. If Spotify is experiencing issues, it is sadly a matter of waiting until it is fixed.

How to check if Spotify is having issues

To check if Spotify is having issues, you can either look for official statements from Spotify’s social media, or you can find user-generated reports. To look for official statements, you’ll want to check the official Spotify Status Twitter account. This account is run by the Spotify support team and provides updates when there are widespread issues.

If this is not returning any results for you, you can sometimes find out if others are experiencing issues by searching Google or Twitter to see if other people are reporting the same issues as you. If you cannot find anything substantial, you may want to contact Spotify Support for more help.

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