Final Fantasy XIV has become one of the most popular games of 2021. With a record number of players, a new expansion, and a community loving the game more than ever before, Final Fantasy’s MMO is the best it’s ever been. However, this incredible achievement has come at a cost and may upset would-be players looking to try the game for the first time.

Due to the unprecedented popularity, traffic, and server congestion, Square Enix announced their decision to pull Final Fantasy XIV’s Starter Edition and Complete Edition from digital storefronts on Dec. 16, 2021. Those who have not yet purchased Final Fantasy XIV cannot buy the game for the time being. This news comes alongside the unfortunate revelation that Free Trial players will only log in during the early morning or late evening hours. New Free Trial registrations are also temporarily halted.

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Those who have purchased previous editions of Final Fantasy XIV can still buy the expansion packs and upgrade the game as needed. Still, as servers continue to struggle, it’s unlikely players will be able to log in without issue.

For more information on the state of Final Fantasy XIV, including the compensation players can expect to receive in light of the unforeseen server circumstances, visit the official statement from Square Enix below:

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