With Sony’s new PlayStation subscription tiers rolling out, users have found several bugs and issues in the leadup to this new system. Players are reporting issues with membership card redemptions on the PlayStation Network, but what can’t users redeem codes on PlayStation?

Due to players stacking memberships of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, Sony has temporarily halted the renewal and code redemption for PlayStation subscription codes. While players can still buy codes from retailers for both PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, these codes won’t work until Sony enables code redemption for these purchases again.

Players began stacking codes for PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now after Sony promised that those subscribed to both services would be able to migrate to PlayStation Plus Premium, the highest-paid tier, at no additional cost. Users added to this tier would see their subscription last until their final subscription was set to end.

Once the number of players exploiting this loophole became noticeable, Sony shut the program down without notice, barring players from code redemption altogether. If you are affected by the inability to redeem codes, you’re likely facing Sony’s temporary code suspension. There’s no word on when Sony will remove this stopgap for subscribers, but hopefully, things will clear up before PlayStation Plus Premium launches in May 2022.

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