There’s nothing more frustrating than being unable to play the game modes you want in Tower of Fantasy. While the game aims to stay online all day and night, the developers sometimes need to do impromptu maintenance checks to ensure that everything is running smoothly in the backend. If you’re unable to play cross-server game modes, such as Joint Operation, Dimensional Trials, Interstellar Exploration, and Bygone Phantasm right now, it’s likely due to ongoing maintenance.

Tower of Fantasy cross-server modes maintenance schedule (Aug. 12, 2022)

Check out the Tower of Fantasy’s maintenance schedule for cross-server game modes below:

UTC +2
Central European Time
Aug. 12, 2022
12pm to 1pm
UTC -4
Eastern Daylight Time
Aug. 12, 2022
6am to 7am
UTC -7
Pacific Daylight Time
Aug. 12, 2022
3am to 4am
UTC +8
Beijing, SEA
Aug. 12, 2022
6pm to 7pm
UTC +9
Japan, South Korea
Aug. 12, 2022
7pm to 8pm

The following game modes will not be available during the maintenance period:

  • Joint Operation
  • Dimensional Trials
  • Interstellar Exploration
  • Bygone Phantasm

The rest of the game will still be functional during these hours, so rest assured you still have things to sink your time into. Tower of Fantasy will notify players when the issues have been fixed—keep up to date with the developers’ announcements on their official Discord channel. Additionally, Tower of Fantasy has promised to compensate all players within two hours after the maintenance ends, so be on the lookout for an in-game mail with your goodies!

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