At the end of Endwalker, Final Fantasy XIV’s latest expansion, an incredibly emotional song acts as the backing track for the Ultima Thule zone. The theme, a moving ballad called Close in The Darkness, has become an earworm for many players.

But who sings Close in the Distance? Well, that would be professional singer and voice actor Jason Charles Miller. Miller has previously acted as the voice of DF09 and Lucas Browning in Halo Infinite, as well as voicing characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Attack on Titan dub.

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But for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, it was Miller’s vocal talents that were on display, with his soulful performance of Close in the Distance, the theme for Ultima Thule. Acting as a backing track for the final few quests of Endwalker as well as the Ultima Thule zone theme after you’ve completed the Main Story Quest (MSQ), Close in the Distance is a very memorable theme in the game.

Part of Masayoshi Soken’s masterful sound direction of Endwalker, Close in the Distance is sadly unavailable for purchase. This is because there’s no current release date for the OST (Official Soundtrack) of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

However, you can get your hands on The Close in the Distance Orchestrion Roll from the Gemstone Trader in Ultima Thule. They’re located at X: 30.8, Y: 28.0, near the Base Omicron Aetheryte. 

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