With Horizon Forbidden West being an open-world game, you get a lot of choices as to where you should go. Sometimes, these choices even appear in mission form, and can leave you wondering which is the best route to tackle first. Aether, Poseidon, or Demeter, which should you conquer first?

Where should you go first ‘Aether, Poseidon or Demeter’ in Horizon Forbidden West?

These quests are level-based, so it very much matters in which order you decide to take them on. The recommended order is to go for Aether first, then Poseidon, and then Demeter.

If you charge in under-leveled then you will find yourself having a hard time trying to get any one of these AI’s, to join back to Gaia, but you will definitely notice the difficulty-raise on the two latter missions.

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These are the recommended levels for each quest:

  • Aether –  Level 17 (The Broken Sky Main Quest)
  • Poseidon – Level 22 (The Sea of Sands Main Quest)
  • Demeter – Level 24 (Seeds of the Past Main Quest)

The Horizon games don’t always go easy on the player, but they also give you challenging enemies that make you feel proud once you have beaten them. This is one such occasion as long as you have upgraded everything enough beforehand.

If you are feeling brave you can, of course, approach them in a different order. However, it will most likely take you longer to progress through the story.

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