Genshin Impact is no stranger to bringing in characters who are similar to ones from Honkai Impact 3rd. Yelan is a newly discovered character who is based on a popular character from Genshin’s sister title. There is a surprising amount of information about Yelan already in the game for you to get excited about.

Yelan is based on the character Fu Hua and looks very similar, much like Yae Miko resembles Yai Sakura. She will most likely be a five-star when she releases, and it’s believed that she will be another Liyue character due to the leaked cutscene that she appeared in.

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We do know that Yelan is set to be a hydro bow-user, and players will likely meet her for the first time during the Moonchase event that happens around September. This does seem to line up with the release of Sumeru, which will likely happen in quarter three of 2022. Yelan, will appear in banner 3.2 at the earliest, so you have plenty of time to save up your primogems.

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