Genshin Impact is a game that has been sprinkling lore for future characters since the beginning. This is apparent in every region, especially Mondstadt, where your adventure began. Varka is a character who is missing from Mondstadt but is set to return at any time now.

Varka is the actual Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius, but he has been on an expedition in another region for quite some time now. This is why Jean has taken over the position, which according to lore, is nothing abnormal as Varka embodies the free spirit of Mondstadt.

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He is a well-known figure around Teyvat, and even Tartaglia states that he would one day like to fight Varka. He is also stated to be one of the strongest people in Mondstadt. Given this information, Varka is likely a five-star, and from what we know about the other Knights, Varka will likely be dressed similar to Jean, Eula, and Kaeya.

When will Varka’s banner release?

Varka is hard to pin down, as he hasn’t officially been announced as a character by MiHoYo yet. This doesn’t mean that he isn’t one, though, as he is directly mentioned in voice lines by many characters, which indicates he will be coming in the future. He will likely come back during a Mondstadt festival, but we likely won’t see him until sometime after version 3.0.

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