Genshin Impact is a massive game that has lore hidden around every corner. Even some of the game’s minor NPC are given intresting lore to help flesh out the world. Timmie is a fan-favorite character, as he attracts pigeons in Mondstadt that are easy for players to harvest.

No, Timmie and Diona aren’t related, but Draff, Diona’s father, was friends with Timmie’s dad. Timmie’s dad is unnamed, but the game confirms that he was good friends with Draff and that the two went hunting together. There was an accident while Timmie’s dad was hunting with Draff, causing him to die.

A note that can be obtained from one of Draff’s commissions shows that he cares for Timmie and feels responsible for his father’s death. It’s possible that Draff’s dependence on alcohol is tied directly to Timmie’s dad, despite the fact that Draff did everything in his power to save him after he was injured.

As of right now, it doesn’t seem that neither Diona nor Timmie know what happened to his dad. Draff does send letters to Timmie, as well as financial support to help soften the blow.

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