Roleplaying is popular in Roblox, with Welcome to Bloxburg and Roblox High School being some of the most popular experiences on the platform. Each game consists of its own community, often containing hundreds of thousands of members per game. Boba Cafe is yet another experience that has quickly grown in popularity, and many members are wondering: who is the owner?

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The owner of Roblox Boba Cafe is none other than Flezent, aka Flez_ent, as confirmed by the user’s Twitter and Roblox pages, along with the Boba Cafe wiki. On Twitter, Flezent’s bio states that they are the President & CEO of Boba Cafe, and provides a link directly to the Boba Cafe Twitter page.

As owner of Boba Cafe, Flezent oversees the roleplaying game’s operations, ensuring that the experience runs smoothly for nearly 500,000 members. As such, the Boba company is split into multiple sub-groups: Boba Corporation, Boba Moderation, and Boba Development. These sub-groups work work together to maintain the game’s quality.

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Looking to follow Flezent on social media channels and/or keep track of Boba Cafe? Check out this list of resources below:

  • Flezent’s Roblox Profile
  • Flezent’s Twitter
  • Boba Cafe Roblox V3 Page
  • Boba Cafe Wiki

Boba Cafe is a popular roleplaying game on Roblox where players order food and drink from a staff of Boba Corporation employees. When not in the cafe itself, players complete quests to earn in-game currency. The game is designed around roleplay, and any user may apply as a staff member of Boba Cafe by completing a quiz application.

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