The way that new Inazuma characters are introduced can be pretty strange. While some have grand entrances, others like Itto came about due to some interesting bulletin board posts. Shikanoin Heizou is another character from Inazuma, who MiHoYo has decided to sprinkle in secretly.

 Shikanoin Heizou is an upcoming character that is incredibly eccentric. Though he has not yet been shown in-game, several characters already have dialogue lines about him, and there are posts on the Inazuma City bulletin boards.

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He was also teased a bit in the event, Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog. He is a member of the Tenryou Commission and a self-proclaimed detective. Kokomi has already stated that he dresses in the Tenryou Commission style and that he doesn’t hold the same values as the others who serve Raiden Shogun.

Currently, his weapon and element are unknown, but given how MiHoYo is dropping bombshells about their characters, it shouldn’t be long before more information comes out.

When will Shikanoin Heizou release?

Currently, the release date for Shikanoin Heizou is pretty murky. With Shenhe and Yunjin taking over 2.4, and Yae taking over 2.5. We may not see him for quite some time; in fact, it seems that Ayato is closer to debuting than Shikanoin Heizou. The closest update you should expect him to release is 2.6.

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