Horizon Forbidden West is one of the most anticipated titles for the PS4 and PS5 consoles in 2022. Now that it is available for Sony systems, fans new and old can dive into this series and experience the latest chapter in Aloy’s story. Some familiar faces find their way into the Forbidden West with Aloy this time around, like Talanah, a friend from Zero Dawn.

Talanah is a Carja Sunhawk that Aloy assisted in Zero Dawn. She’s the leader of the Lodge and the first female to head the hunting operation after the Mad Sun-King purged women from its records. To become Sunhawk, Talanah had to best the Redmaw, a unique and fearsome variant of the herculean Thunderjaw. With Aloy’s help, Talanah overcame this threat and took her place as leader of the Lodge.

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In return for Aloy’s assistance, Talanah joined Aloy in her struggle against HADES in Meridian during the climax of Horizon Zero Dawn. Now, Talanah ventures into the Forbidden West, searching for a man named Amadis. Talanah is just one of many characters that return in Horizon Forbidden West, with several friends and foes returning as supporting characters in this sequel entry. If you haven’t played Horizon Zero Dawn, we recommend starting there so you can experience this fascinating narrative from start to finish.

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