Khorne is one of the four Chaos Gods in Total War: Warhammer 3. His prime servant is the Bloodthirster Skarbrand, who was once the greatest of all Daemon’s. The leader of Khorne’s forces is known for his never-ending rage, hatred, and violence.

As per the lore, Skarbrand once grew too arrogant of his powers and challenged the Blood God Khorne himself. Infuriated by the Bloodthirster’s malign behavior, Khorne stripped the Daemon of his intelligence, personality, and charm. Skarbrand was left with only the rage and abhorrence that blinded him in the first place.

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Skarbrand’s remorse and absence of emotion makes him even deadlier on the battlefield. The magic-resistant Daemon lord leads Khorne’s demons with all his might. As per the Total War blog, Skarbrand’s abilities and skills are as follows:

  • Wrathful Reaper – Skarbrand, once in the midst of battle, will not be distracted, and will kill until the killing is done. Nothing will stand before his fury.
  • Rage Embodied – All those who see the Exiled One in battle are drawn to the ferocity of his combat. They will join him, even if it means their death.

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