Roxanne “Roxy” Wolf is one of the Animatronic enemies in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. She is the keytarist in the Glamrock band and was first seen in the artwork for Freddy in Space 2, a side-scrolling title in the FNaF franchise.

Roxanne is clad in 70’s rock clothes and sports white long hair with a green streak. Players will encounter Roxanne as an enemy in the mall where she wanders around until charging with her claws. For the first time in FNaF, players will be able to roam around freely and use various objects to evade or fight the animatronics.

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Screenshot via Steel Wool Studios YouTube

While most of the animatronic band will be chasing the player, the Freddy Fozbear animatronic can be climbed into and act as a robotic suit for the player. Roxanne seems to ignore the player when inside the Freddy Fozbear animatronic.

Roxanne will be joined by the other animatronics in her band, Glamrock Chica and Montgomery Gator. Other characters that will make an appearance include Music Man, Vanny, Sun, and Moon.

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