Oz, short for Ozvaldo von Hrafnavines, is a familiar who takes the form of a dashing night raven. He manifested when Fischl obtained her Electro Vision on her 14th birthday. Unlike Guoba, who’s incapable of human speech, Oz is an intelligent creature who aids the self-proclaimed Prinzessin der Verurteilung in battle—while doubling up as a translator to help ordinary individuals understand her otherworldly, chuunibyou-infused speech.

Ozvaldo von Hrafnavines, the Prince Nachtraben

Fischl’s true identity is an ordinary girl named Amy with an obsession for fantasy books—so much so that she began emulating them in her everyday mannerisms and speech. Her moniker, Fischl, came from a novel series called Flowers for Princess Fischl, which stars Princess Fischl and the mighty lord of the Nachtraven, Ozvaldo Hrafnavins.

In the first volume, it was stated that on a scale of one to 15, Ozvaldo’s strength would have been rated a 13. His relationship with Princess Fischl was described as one akin to “imprinting,” common among night ravens.

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A Companion Who Serves His Mein Fräulein

The details about Oz’s manifestations are unclear, other than the fact that he came to be when Fischl (Amy) received her Vision. What remains clear, however, is that he’s an indispensable companion who serves the Prinzessin without judgement. He respectfully calls her Mein Fräulein and understands every word in her strange speech patterns.

While Oz himself plays the role of Fischl’s companion perfectly as expected (based on his depiction as Ozvaldo Hrafnavins from the novel series), he prefers to speak to ordinary people normally outside of Fischl’s presence.

A Useful Asset in Battle

Where combat is concerned, Oz’s wings are incredible assets that allow him to survey enemies from the sky, as he customarily does when ordered by Fischl. When necessary, Fischl can also merge with Oz and see through his eyes through the Midnight Phantasmagoria—her Elemental Burst.

A Pledge of Eternal Loyalty

There have been speculations about Oz’s identity—about whether he truly exists as a separate entity or if he’s merely a figment of Fischl’s imagination. The lore has yet to make this clear. But in Fischl’s Character Story and all interactions players have had with the duo (such as the Unreconciled Stars), it’s clear that Oz is capable of forming opinions that are different from Fischl’s.

For instance, the Prinzessin may order Oz to survey the Stormterror’s Lair—and he may despise it as Dvalin could very well devour his puny self if the former so wished. And as it stands, Oz is a being that can have conversations with others even outside of Fischl’s presence.

However, what matters is that Oz will always be a servant to Fischl. Their pledge of eternal loyalty was made clear in the palace of Twilight, as detailed in Flowers for Princess Fischl (I): End Time Zersetzung.

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