One of, if not the, most powerful Guardians in the entire Destiny saga is slated to wake up in the coming months. Osiris is the only non-villain NPC to be featured in the Lightfall promo art, and in it he is very much awake. In preparation for Destiny 2 Lightfall, here’s a deep dive on Osiris’s history.

Osiris lore in Destiny 2

A powerful old Warlock, Osiris lived in The City. He was fascinated by both the Vex and the Infinite Forest. Unfortunately, this fascination led to him coming a little too close for comfort when it came to understanding the Vex, so he was exiled. Osiris knows about the Shrine of Oryx, which implies that he has knowledge of at least something when it comes to the inner workings of the Hive.

During the Battle of Six Fronts, he met Saint-14 and the two forged a close relationship. After the battle, during which Osiris was declared a hero, he was selected as the Warlock Vanguard off of Saint-14’s recommendation.

As the Warlock Vanguard, he became dissatisfied with the Hierarchy of the Tower. Osiris began asking questions about why Guardians are so obedient, and others began to agree with him. Many Guardians began to look for truths as opposed to defending The City.

Before his exile, Osiris was looking for Xur and the Nine as well as practicing Thanatonautics and looking for what was left of the Ahamkara. Once exiled, centuries passed without any word from Osiris. Saint-14 was sent by the Speaker to find Osiris, but never returned.

Why is Osiris in a coma

During a battle against the Celebrant, Osiris’s ghost Sagira sacrificed herself. This saved Osiris, but also left him vulnerable and without a Ghost. During this time, Savathun possessed the body of Osiris.

He remained trapped in his body with only glimmers of consciousness (including a conversation with his past student Ikora). Unable to warn anyone that his body was not his own, no one seemed aware of the possession. Once the Endless Night was over, it became apparent that Osiris was possessed. After a ritual to remove the possession, Osiris was left unconscious. Saint-14 returned Osiris to the Last City so that they could care for him during his coma.

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