Genshin Impact sometimes brings in new characters from old regions to flesh out more of its culture and lore. Mika, from Mondstat, was introduced in Version 3.1 despite Mondstadt being a region present upon the game’s release. Here’s what you need to know about him.

Who is Mika from Genshin Impact?

Mika is a member of the Knights of Favonius. Specifically, he is a member of Eula’s Reconnaissance Team and a cartographer. He was originally away on Varka’s expedition, but returned to Mondstadt to deliver Varka’s letter during the Weinlesefest event in Version 3.1.

In character voice lines, Jean describes Mika as hardworking and grounded, and Amber states that he is an expert in cartography. His brother is Huffman, an NPC Knight of Favonius. Lisa tells us that Mika frequently looks after his brother when he gets drunk. Kaeya, however notes that Mika can be a very nervous creature, and it get’s worse when he is joked around with.

Mika is not currently playable but his character model has a Cryo vision on his right gauntlet, indicating that he will probably be a playable Cryo character at some point. We don’t know yet what rarity he will be or what weapon he will use. He does carry a book on his back, making us suspect that he might be a catalyst user. He is blonde and wears shorts with boots and a long overcoat, all featuring various shades of blue.

When will Mika be released in Genshin Impact?

Unfortunately, we don’t know for certain. We would be surprised if he doesn’t become a playable character at some point. There have been rumors of Mondstadt being expanded in the future, and Mika may be released with this content.

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