Margaret Kōhere, aka Mad Maggie, is the twentieth Legend in the Apex Legends line-up, but has existed in the universe of the game long before she was introduced as a Legend for Season 12: Defiance. So, who is Mad Maggie? Mad Maggie is a fighter from the planet of Salvo who is fiercely against The Syndicate and their acquisition of her planet. As a child and young adults, her best friend was Walter Fitzroy, aka Fuse. Fuse is another Legend in the line-up, introduced in Season 8: Mayhem.

Mad Maggie has been featured in a few different Stories from the Outlands, such as Good as Gold and for her launch, Judgment. That said, her presence was not just in lore videos, but also in the actual game. Mad Maggie served as a very polarizing temporary announcer for two Limited-Time events in Season 8. One being the Ring Fury Escalation Takeover, and the other being the infamous failure of an event, the War Games.

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It’s safe to say that Maggie has gone through some thematic changes since the first few iterations of her presence in the game, but at her core, she is a loose cannon-style fighter who will do anything she has to to protect her home. She was forced into the Apex Games against her will as a death sentence, but if she proves herself in the ring, death may not be at near for her as her haters had hoped.

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